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While it can be overwhelming to start a new venture, the reality is that there are small business start-up FAQ's, checklists, facilities, programs and people who are all available to show you how it's done.

Start-Up Business FAQs

Review the most common questions asked when starting a new business and learn what the answers are below.

Start-Up Business Checklist

In addition to preparing a business plan when starting a new venture, the following business checklist will introduce some of the core activities that you will want to address when launching a new venture.

Free Small Business Help

Discover and directly connect with thousands of FREE small and mid-sized business assistance resources for your start-up venture. Search by free small business service, by free small business assistance agency, or add a public, free small business assistance program.

Start-up Business Solutions

Discover technologies, products and services that can help you to grow your small business. SSearch by Best Practices, Educational Sponsor and Add a Biz Solution.

5 Step Venture Mentoring Program

This online, interactive mentoring program provides a thorough, step-by-step framework for developing business skills, knowledge and a support network for successfully starting your own business venture.

Small Business Incubators

Business incubators exist specifically to help start-up ventures succeed in the early stages. Support resources vary and may include access to physical space, management coaching, business planning assistance, administrative services, networking venues, intellectual property advice, and financing sources.

Small Business Tools

Small Business Tools introduces useful Business Articles, Business Forms and Business Links to help you connect with additional tools and information to start and support your business. You may also submit content for Adding a Business Tool.

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