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Financial institutions are not the only place to secure small business financing. Learn about public agency funding programs; angel funding and venture capital sources, as well as more traditional business funding sources.

Public Small Business Funding

Connect with small business assistance agencies that can help you to put together the right funding program or combination of programs relative to your small business needs.

Alternative Small Business Funding

Discover a broad range of alternative business funding tools that offer ways to expand working capital beyond traditional bank financing.

SBA Loan Programs

Contrary to popular belief, the US SBA does not provide direct loans to small businesses. Instead, by working well with and through other financial institutions and agencies, they offer a range of different lending programs. These programs also change from time to time depending on economic fluctuations and small business needs. >> Learn more

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Other Free Help Networks

Visit America's Small Business Champion's Network (The Network), the most comprehensive entrepreneurial education and resource referral network in the United States and its territories, as well as select international communities.

Help Through Social Media

Take advantage of social media channels to network and remain on top of breaking news in available small business resources, programs and tools.

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Small Business Financing with Dr. Bill

Small Business Financing with Dr. Bill

When it comes to creative approaches in small business financing and optimizing cash flow, Dr. Bill knows quite a bit.

"Forget what the text books tell you," says Dr. Bill Osgood, Cofounder and Managing Director of KISBD. "When it comes to small business financing today, it's all about being creative and leveraging multiple different solutions to achieve objectives."

Author of numerous books published in different languages and focused on how to finance and grow a business, Dr. Bill has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals on a global scale to start, grow, and succeed in business. Check out his blog titled, Small Business Financing with Dr. Bill, to learn more about you can get creative in improving your business finances.

Enhance Expense Management

Improve spending control and improve cash flow.

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Improve Cash Flow

Learn more about invoice factoring.

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