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Small Business Incubators

Launch or grow your small business by connecting with a small business incubator that offers a range of business support including low-rent space, shared office services, business counseling, access to funding sources and more.

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Local Small Business Resource Partners
Chesapeake Innovation Center
A business incubator that serves as a hub of technology commercialization, with a focus on the homeland security, communications and information technology sectors, to generate new business formation...View details

Emerging Technology Centers
A non-profit business incubator program with three separate incubator facilities, focused on growing early-stage technology and biotechnology companies in Baltimore City which offer fully wired...View details

Provides business development mentoring and assistance, as well as introductions to UMBC researchers and students for early-stage, start-up companies. Contact: Ellen Hemmerly, Executive Director...View details

Bel Air
Harford County Office of Economic Development
Services offered include Competitive Leasing Rates, Accommodating Class and Conference Room Schedules, Office of Economic Development Sattellite Office Onsite, Instructional meeting spaces, Satellite...View details

College Park
Technology Advancement Program
Offers space and support services for early-stage companies engaged in developing technology-based products or services with commercial potential. Companies involved in the Program can adapt...View details

The Center for Business & Technology Development
Works to assist start-up firms in the areas of computer hardware, software development, telecommunications, the Internet and Web development....View details

Frederick Innovative Technology Center Inc
Works to encourage technological innovation and accelerate the development of commercially viable technology-based businesses by providing a nurturing and supportive environment....View details

Technical Innovation Center
A self sustaining economic development effort that fosters the growth of new and expanding businesses by providing access to advanced technologies, business development resources, and collaborative...View details

Statewide and Nationwide Small Business Resource Partners

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