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Integrating email with other marketing tools

For marketing to be successful, it's best when the parts add up to the whole. Put another way, it's all about the productive integration of all of your key marketing tools working in sync with one another to support your overall marketing objectives.

Learning Series: Small Business Email Marketing #101

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Email marketing: The big picture

There are many different tools available today that'll help the small business owner drive increased sales through effective marketing practices. This can be good and bad news.

On the plus side, these tools include low-cost and robust customer relationship management (CRM) and project management platforms, easy interface Content Management Systems (CMS) and powerful data analytical tools. On the downside, if these solutions can't sync up with each other, you could end up with more data than you bargained for and not enough clarity to know what to do with it all!

The solution? An email platform that ties it all together...

CRM & Email Integration: By syncing CRM data with email list data, you can sort by relevant criteria to make email messaging more meaningful to each customer. When automating the alignment of new CRM contacts with new email subscriptions, you can also be sure that new customers are captured in both places. There are many other benefits to syncing your CRM with your email platform when using popular CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, Batchbook, Highrise or Front Desk.

CMS & Email Integration: Encourage website visitors to become email subscribers with signup forms that are synced to your email database. When using WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Unbounce or Wistia CMS platforms, this allows you to create well-targeted email campaigns that leverage video, custom landing pages, and eye-catching subscription forms to increase conversions and sales — all from within your website.

Social Media & Email Integration: Social media drives brand awareness, SEO and engagement. By syncing your email platform with your social media marketing activities, you can reach more fans and efficiently share newsletters, promotions and track results in real time.

Ecommerce & Email Integration: Sync Magento, Shopify or CoreCommerce shopping carts with your email platform to leverage your customers' shopping behavior and purchase history data to generate more sales. This includes automating email messages to send daily deals, flash sales and coupons, as well as adding/updating subscribers and improving tracking and reporting metrics.

Web Analytics & Email Integration: Success in business is always about the numbers. By syncing your email with web analytics platforms like Google Analytics, there are all kinds of benefits:

  • Measure email campaign effectiveness with website traffic and buyer behavior data
  • Track total online visits, page views and conversion rates
  • Leverage knowledge to communicate with customers more effectively

Other ways email can be integrated with your marketing strategies to grow your business include using forms to engage customers, adding photos for visual appeal and deploying conduction surveys. You can even align business systems such as billing and invoice integration, event management and file sharing.

Why should you care?

The more knowledge you have about your customers, the more you can leverage that knowledge to grow your business. While this may sound like common sense, taking advantage of the solutions available to achieve this is not so common — often simply because people don't have the time or bandwidth to research and pull it all together. Therefore, when a provider comes along that offers it all in one place, it's definitely worth learning more.

Did you know?

...that Emma makes integrating email with multiple other sales and marketing tools a breeze? You can reap the benefits of improved work flow, better access to customer data, improved analytics, enhanced decision-making, more efficient use of time and — the best part — increased sales! It doesn't have to be expensive or complicated, either. Learn more by signing up for a free trial.

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