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To get your business up and running, or to further grow your business, it's not unusual to find yourself frequently outside of the “office.” It's the nature of the game. Growing a business is more about seizing opportunities when and where they arise rather than sitting behind a desk.

But if you're not sitting behind a desk, how are customers going to reach you?

Learning Series: Small Business Communication

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Are You Too Busy To Talk To Customers?

When a potential new customer calls your business, you want to be sure that the call is answered. The last thing you want them hearing is a busy signal. Well, a fax squeal might be worse, but since it's not the 90s anymore we'll focus on the busy signal.

Regardless of who's calling, if it's about your business you want to be reachable. At the very least, you want to have someone on your team be reachable. At the very, very least, you want to provide access to voicemail. The point is, you don't want callers to come up against a busy signal or a call that never gets answered.

Virtual Phone System: Never Busy

With a virtual phone system, your customers will never hear a busy signal. You will always be accessible. Although you may not be able to take every call as it comes in, you can be assured that every call will be routed appropriately...

  • Reach Me Every Time | A virtual phone system is your solution to a customer never hearing a busy signal again. With unlimited call handling, customers will be sure to get through even at peak calling periods. If five callers call in at 11:00 a.m. and there are only two of you available, waiting callers can either be routed to voicemail, listening to music, or listening to a commercial you created - any of which is much better than a busy signal!
  • Reach Me Anywhere | Can't be at the central office today (...or work remotely as a rule)? No problem. Custom call forwarding keeps you and your employees connected from anywhere and on practically any telephone in the world: your cell, the office, or at home. In a different time zone? Extensions can also be programmed on a customized schedule giving you time to catch some Zzz's after flying in on the red-eye.
  • Get Voicemails Anytime | Finding it hard to keep up with your voicemails? Have them delivered to one or more email addresses as an MP3 audio file.
  • Get the Fax - Read the Fax | Got a smart phone? Read and respond promptly to fax messages received as PDF attachments via email.
  • Party Line, Anyone? | Gotta' talk to more than one person across multiple different locations? Fear not. With virtual conferencing there are no PINs to remember and no codes to punch in. Simply enter the other numbers you want to include on the call and the system will do the rest. Easy as pie.
Why should you care?

Accessibility to your customers, financiers, suppliers, vendors - any stakeholder - is paramount when starting and growing a business. If they have a vested interest in you, then you want to show you have a vested interest in them. Never again will you miss out on an important call, potential new client, and, perhaps most importantly, a closed sale!

Communication in business, like in marriage, is key. Keep those lines open!

Did you know?

...that Grasshopper offers a virtual phone service that helps to ensure that you and your team remain accessible? With features such as unlimited call handling, no one will ever hear a busy signal when trying to reach you. You can receive calls from multiple callers simultaneously and even forward calls to a home office, cell phone, or computer anywhere in the world. A virtual phone service is a powerful tool, particularly for today's busy professional on the go! Service Plans run month-to-month and can be scaled up as your business grows."

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